The Jets Are Going to Slaughter the Dolphins Next Year

With a lot of luck and a bit of tenacity the Jets made it deep into the playoffs last year, and they are stocking up on talent this off-season like it's an arms race. They've already secured Santonio Holmes and LaDainian Tomlinson, and are of course going after Jason Taylor. Meanwhile, Greg Cote points out, the Dolphins have signed, um, Karlos Dansby and Richie Incognito and don't seem to care about the prospect of losing Taylor.

Will the Jets retaliate hardcore against the Dolphins next season, after the Fins took both games last year? Or do Big Tuna and Little Tony know exactly what they're doing? [Herald]

But, there's hope on the Taylor front! Maybe, possibly Sparano and Taylor could be meeting this week, but apparently Taylor hasn't heard anything about it. [PFT]

  • Pat White joined Twitter and threatened to go back to playing baseball, but then said, "man u know I ain't going nowhere. Just had to stir the pot real quick." [PBPost]
  • An early ESPN pre-season college football poll puts the Miami Hurricanes at number 13. [PBPost]
  • The Marlins fell to the Reds 5-6. [Herald]
  • The Heat pulled out another win over the 76ers, 107-105. [Herald]
  • The Florida Panthers won't make it to the playoffs. [PBPost]

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Kyle Munzenrieder