Miami Had One of Its Worst Sports Weekends in a Long Time
Photo by Michele Eve Sandberg

Miami Had One of Its Worst Sports Weekends in a Long Time

Most everyone works hard all week to get to the weekend. Said weekend often involves a good dose of sports for those who choose to partake. Normally, sports provides a nice getaway. It's an enjoyable diversion after a long week.

This past sports weekend had Miami fans looking forward to work on Monday. It was just a crap-flavored sports sundae. The Dolphins made sure to add the cherry on top Sunday night with a 31-12 thumping at the hands of the Packers. Miami's sports weekend went as follows:

The Heat dropped two straight on Friday and Saturday to fall to 5-7 and missed out on acquiring Minnesota Timberwolves All-Star guard Jimmy Butler, who was instead traded to the Philadelphia 76ers. Outside of their insanely popular "Vice" alternate jerseys, nothing is going well for the Heat so far this season. It's quite obvious at this point that the Heat needs to sell off pieces for parts before this year's trade deadline passes.

The Hurricanes lost to Georgia Tech on Saturday night, 27-21. That's four straight in the loss column for Miami, which has also lost six of their last eight games against Power 5 schools since starting last season 10-0. Bad vibes in Coral Gables. Many changes on the way. Not only is the Mark Richt honeymoon over, but the divorce papers are being filled out.

Then there was the 4:25 p.m Dolphins game Sunday in Green Bay against Aaron Rodgers. What could possibly go wrong? A lot. And the loss capped off one of the worst sports weekends ever.

To say a Dolphins win over Rodgers and the Packers would have been just what the doctor ordered is a massive understatement. Miami fans needed something to feel good about in the worst way.

Unfortunately, the Dolphins did not deliver. Instead the team kicked a bunch of field goals and generally looked as listless as always against the Packers. Oh, and everyone is hurt. Literally, everyone you enjoy watching play football for the Dolphins is now in the locker room getting x-rays.

To recap: The Heat lost twice in embarrassing fashion. They're just not good. The Hurricanes may not make a bowl game and should be seriously considering a major coaching staff shakeup. And the Dolphins are still doing what the Dolphins usually do on Sundays around the holiday season.

That's all the bad news (we think). The good news is 2018 is just a few weeks from ending. 

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