From El Nuevo Herald.

The Heralds Are Schizoid on Rudy Crew

The chasm between the Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald couldn’t be more evident than in the way the two publications cover Miami-Dade Public Schools Superintendent Rudolph “Rudy” Crew.

In the Issues & Ideas section of August 26’s Sunday Herald, reporter Tania deLuzuriaga does a full-page rosy Q&A with the baby-faced scholastic autocrat.

The lengthy interview concided with the recent release of Crew’s tome Only Connect: The Way to Save Our Schools.

Four days later, on August 30, El Nuevo’s Kitty Rodriguez reported how lawsuits against the school board and Rudy Crew have cost taxpayers close to a million dollars, including more than $300,000 spent to defend the school board’s ban on the children's book Vamos a Cuba. The article was accompanied with the illustration pictured here.

On this one, we’ll have to side with El Nuevo Herald. After all, one only needs to read New Times's "Bad Apple" to understand why Crew is bad for the kids. --Francisco Alvarado

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