The HeatFanSounds.com Lady Is a True Miami Heat Fan Hero

Jason Feifer, an editor at Fast Company and a lifelong Heat fan (despite, you know, being older than the franchise), had tickets to the Heat's home opener December 27 against the Boston Celtics. Unfortunately for him, those tickets were for seats next to an overzealous and, from his perspective, annoying fan. So Feifer did the obvious thing: He secretly used his iPhone to record her cheering; then he uploaded it as a soundboard at HeatFanSounds.com.

We guess he considers it revenge, except clearly this woman is an amazing testament to the Miami Heat fan base.

"Please know: I'm a lifelong Heat fan, but even I know when a Miami fan is being too annoying," Feifer writes on the site. "Haters, here's your manna."

Um, we're sorry, but this woman deserves a fan-of-the-year award. From now on when we're watching a Heat game at home, we're going to have this website up and loaded. Every time a ref makes a bogus foul call, we'll savor the sweat sounds of the anonymous fan yelling, "He ain't even do nothing." A tricky play that actually gets pulled off: "Oh my gawd, awwwwww-ohhh, all right, holdin' it down." Any positive thing in general: "Oh, you bad."

This woman is a fan among fans. She's a shining example to hold up to the face of the haters that some Heat fans are nothing more than unenthusiastic bandwagoners. A nasally voiced beacon of sports dedication that we should all aspire to. Truly, she is "holding it down fo' yo' team." As should we all.

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