The Heat Is in Reach of the No. 5 Spot in the Playoffs

The Heat has been burning through the final stretch of the regular season and is on a five-game winning streak. Luckily, their eight remaining games are against weaker teams that are all mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. That doesn't mean the Heat should cool down any.

D-Wade and company sit in the sixth spot in the Eastern Conference, behind the Milwaukee Bucks, and the Heat has a real chance of overtaking them heading into the playoffs.

Tonight Miami plays the Pistons, currently in last place in the Central Division, a team the Heat will meet again April 9. Our guys have engagements against the Knicks and the 76ers, who have just 26 wins each, and they also have the Timberwolves and Nets to deal with. Those are the worst two teams in the entire league, though the T-Wolves' last win, way back in early February, was, shamefully, against the Heat.

Meanwhile, Milwaukee has games left against the highly ranked Celtics, Cavs and Hawks.

The simplest way for the Heat to take the fifth spot is to continue the winning streak for the rest of the season (possible, but definitely not a given) and for the Bucks to drop three games (very possible).

Hell, there's still the mathematical possibility the Heat could wind up in fourth place, but that would take the complete destruction of the Atlanta Hawks. They do have games against the Lakers and the Cavs, but we just don't see that happening.

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Kyle Munzenrieder