The Florida Lottery Logo Has Been Redesigned to Look Like A Creepy Kids Movie Character

For most of my life, every time I've walked into a gas station or a grocery store I've been greeted one way or another by the delightfully '80s logo of the Florida Lottery. Most things have changed since 1988. That logo has remained a constant.

Until now. The Florida Lottery logo has undergone a major overhaul to coincide with the game's 25th anniversary.

Gone is that classic pink silhouette of a Flamingo standing stoically in front of a dissected sun.

In its place is a CGI bird that looks like it was a creepy cut character from Rio or Madagascar 4: Miamigascar that would have been voice by Antonio Banderas. The font looks like it belongs on a carton of orange juice.

The agency behind the redesign, Feature Brands, gave their rational behind the new logo to

"Supported by insights gathered from extensive research, we put special focus on developing the mark's keystone element--an engaging, expressive flamingo. Deemed fun, friendly and Floridian by players, retailers and community members alike, the new character is a manifestation of everything the Lottery can and does represent."
I'm not sure what exactly that means (not that marketing talk is actually supposed to mean anything), or how a sort of creepy Flamingo represents what sanctioned gambling is supposed to represent? If they really wanted to capture the heart of the Florida lottery they should have replaced the Flamingo all together with an old lady who clearly hasn't been to the salon in a while arguing with an off-brand gas station attendant while picking up her weekly carton of Marlboro Ultralights.

Plus, wasn't there any concern that this logo might appeal a bit too much to kids? Yeah, sure, it's sort of funding part of their education, but I don't think gambling is actually supposed to be marketed towards them.

Maybe I'm just being one of those grumpy fucks who complains any time any logo is changed, but clearly my opinion of the lottery isn't very high. Maybe I just don't like one of the few not-quite-minimal logos that has stayed the same since I was two years old to change. Or maybe I just find that new bird totally creepy. Seriously, can it stop looking at me like that?

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Kyle Munzenrieder