The Farting Preacher

Hey kids, guess whose working the four a.m. slot on BET –right here from a secret studio in Miami? You thought he was dead but he’s rich and very much alive! No, it’s not Flava Flav.

It’s your old preacher pal, Bobby Tilton That’s right, after losing it all in Texas, Tilton came right here to South Florida to continue his good work.


I ran into his former bass player at a party and he said he had been backing up Tilton during services at his church on Hallandale Beach Blvd. –until the good preacher suggested they all start playing for free.

And he’s still up to no good. According to Pete Evans at the Trinity Foundation, a Christian watch dog organization, Tilton has declared himself an arch bishop and is lording over a series of poor churches in Mexico.

What do you do with a scum bag like this? One who continues to prey on the poor and stupid?

Well, you can’t light him on fire and kick him down a flight of stairs. That would be wrong. Sort of.

What you can do instead is watch a five part series on youtube. It is, perhaps the most inspired piece of satire ever created.

Calvin Godfrey


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