The Emerald Bowl Ain't That Exciting

Your weekly football fix won't come until this weekend, but since Riptide will be quite quiet the rest of the week we'll be doing our trademarked very informative Football previews today!

The Emerald Bowl: Miami Hurricanes vs California Golden Bears, Saturday Dec 27th 8pm on ESPN

The last time anyone really got excited about a UM bowl game was the team's string of appearances in the Peach Bowl back in '04 and '05. The second of which resulted in an embarrassing loss to LSU, the first of which brought a triumph over the Florida Gators. My oh my, how things have changed. The Gators took home the national championship in 2006, and may again this year, while LSU took it last year. Your Miami Hurricane's post season meanwhile has been a sorry affair since then: The MPC Computer Bowl in '06 and nothing last year. 

The Emerald bowl is hardly a return to glory, as the team will travel to San Fran to take on Pac-10 also-rans Cal. To make matter worse The Golden Bears are the odds on favorites, and Miami will be playing without its starting QB. Good news for Cal, though: if history is any indication, win or lose, they might find themselves BCS champs in two years. 

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