The Dolphins Own Florida: A County-by-County Map of the State's Favorite NFL Teams

We take for granted that the Dolphins own the allegiances of South Florida's tri-county area, but in a state with three NFL teams, do you ever wonder where exactly Dolphins country begins to give way to areas dominated by fans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Jacksonville Jaguars?

Well, Facebook has come along to answer that question.

Every day throughout the NFL season, Facebook tracked the number of likes each team received. Then the social-networking site displayed that data on a map to create a countrywide look at where each team's allegiance lies.

Unfortunately, a really blurry blowup of Florida is the best we could do.

Facebook specifically singles out Florida for its patchwork of allegiances. Despite having three teams of our own, eight other teams are the most popular in certain Florida counties. There's even a haven of Patriots fans in Manatee County.

Of course, the Dolphins reign supreme. The team owns all of the southern portion of Florida. Dolphins country even extends all the way into some counties in North Florida. Even Orange County (Orlando) likes the Fins. Who knew?

All of these counties love the Dolphins, yet the team is asking only one county to help pay for its stadium upgrades.

Facebook notes that teams that won tended to accumulate more fans. The Buccaneers posted the same 7-9 record as Miami, but the Jaguars won only two games this year. Which might explain the Dolphins' popularity in areas that might be more natural Jag territory. Though, it doesn't quite explain why the break for the Fins and now the Bucs.

Facebook also analyzed where counties' allegiances lie during the playoffs. Oddly, most of Florida liked the Patriots throughout the playoffs. Yes, even Miami-Dade.

However, leading up to the Super Bowl, most of Florida is rooting for the Ravens.

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Kyle Munzenrieder