The Daily Show, Colbert, Letterman Take on #Fangate

Almost as soon as #fangate went down, people were already tweeting, "Well, The Daily Show ought to have a field day with that."

Naturally, last night's comedy shows couldn't help but take on Rick Scott and Charlie Crist's bizarre debate tiff over an electric fan. In fact, Jon Stewart decided to lead with it, but #fangate also made its way to The Colbert Report, David Letterman's Top Ten List, and Late Night With Seth Meyers.

Here's Stewart's take first. Unfortunately, it makes you think more about Charlie Crist's sweaty balls more than you really want to.

"Actually, we could have delved into all the terrible actual answers Rick Scott gave in the debate about his horrifying policies for Florida, but that is not nearly as fun as him missing four minutes of a debate because his opponent had a fan pointed at his balls," Stewart quipped.

Correspondent Samantha Bee then went on to explain Florida politics' "long tradition of electoral ball coolering."

The incident was so tailor-made for these kinds of shows that it just couldn't be restrained to one late-night Comedy Central show. Colbert also had to give his take on #fangate.

"Based on that skin tone, I'd say his core temperature is 450 degrees," Colbert said. "But why should Crist get to cool himself with a fan but Scott isn't allowed to control his temperature by laying on a chilled rock?"

Even Letterman had to get into the game by dedicating his Top Ten List last night to "Ten Lesser-Known Gubernatorial Debate Rules."

Number 4: "Maximum three time-outs for self-tanning application."

Seth Meyers just happened to have Rachel Maddow on his show last night, and the two couldn't help but discuss the incident.

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