The Crystal Ball Says Rubio for Governor or AG, but Not Senate

The 2010 election in Florida is shaping up to be insane -- actually it's already insane -- and only two people of any consequence have announced their candidacy for either governor or senator.

Former Speaker of the House Marco Rubio has this nice campaign website all set up and ready to go. Problem is, he's not sure what he's running for. He wanted to run for Senate, but the Republican field is frozen right now. If Charlie Crist gets in, Rubio is out. If Martinez steps down and Crist appoints someone else, Rubio is out.

Then what is he going to do with this fancy website? Oh, run for governor, the Sun-Sentinel says.

While we're on the subject, Dr. Stephen R. MacNamara laid out his 2010 predictions at Sayfie Review, and they're not exactly what I had in mind, but my business card says "blogger" and his says "Dr."

He's predicting Dan Gelber vs. Crist for senator (sorry, Kendrick). Then Jeb Bush vs. Alex Sink for governor. Jeb? Again? Wow. Where does Rubio go then? To the position of attorney general, from which Bill McCullom would apparently step down to challenge Crist in the Senate primary. But I do agree with MacNamara on one thing: State Dems should be looking to draft Manny Diaz for something -- anything, really.

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