The Cavaliers Scoreboard Welcomed "LaBron James" Last Night, So He Dropped 43 Points

LeBron James returned to his old home last night, and he didn't bother knocking. No, no, he kicked in the door, walked directly to the Cavs' refrigerator, ate their last snack pack, took a massive Hiroshima dump in their bathroom, asked for their Wi-Fi password, and downloaded a bunch of Bang Bros videos on their wife's laptop.

Because he built this house -- they just rent it.

James wasn't in his old crib for more than three minutes before he started hanging threes on the wall like he owned the damn place, sticking five of the six he took in the first quarter, finishing with 25 points on 10 of 11 shooting. You read that correctly -- the first quarter. As in after 12 minutes of basketball played, LeBron James, 25, Cleveland Cavaliers, 25.

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To recap, LeBron James swooped into his old address and took all of 12 minutes to shove those salty boos up those jaded Cleveland asses.

LeBron would end up with 43 points, six rebounds, four assists, and three holy-frickin'-shit blocks in a much-closer-than-expected 100-96 Miami Heat win.

The above photo is in no way Photoshopped. It's a really real thing that happened last night in Cleveland. The scoreboard in Quicken Loans Arena actually read "LaBron James" at one point in the game. Truly incredible.

To be fair, maybe it wasn't a mistake; maybe it was a shot at LeBron James. Maybe it was just another underhanded shot at their onetime hometown hero who, they believe, betrayed them. Or maybe it was done on purpose as their way of saying, "Hey, we are over you."

Or maybe everyone, from their owner all the way down to their scoreboard operator, is just that stupid. Maybe, just maybe, while the Miami Heat are winning championships and surrounding LeBron James with a team the Cavs never could, in Cleveland they can't even properly spell a player's name.

Yup, that's it.

Because it happened again later, this time with THEIR player, Anderson Varejao.

Holy shit -- he's never leaving.

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