The 11 Strangest Miami-Related Terms on Urban Dictionary

While doing research to make sure last week's Miami Slang Glossary was on point, Riptide checked Urban Dictionary to see if we had missed anything. It didn't help. Instead, we just found a bunch of allegedly Miami-related terms we've never heard before and were probably made up by bored internet users. The vast majority of the terms were imagined crude sexual positions that we're pretty sure no one has ever attempted in real life.

Here are our favorites, only a few of which are crude sexual positions. Has anyone ever heard these terms in real conversation? Please let us know in the comments.

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The Miami Flu

Hialeah Millionaire

Miami Breakfast

Dade County Search Warrant

Miami Drive-by

Moon Over Miami

Miami Blast

Port of Miami

Miami Slide

Timeshare in Miami

Miami Totem Pole

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