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Terrorists Weigh in on Supermodel Visit

Seeing the recent handshake between President Hugo Chávez and supermodel Naomi Campbell makes one wonder what the mouthy pair have in common aside from a healthy ego and well-defined eyebrows? Couldn’t find anything on the latter but WorldNetDaily, a website that boasts commentators like Patrick Buchanan and stories like Soy is making kids gay (Are they for real?), had some entertaining morsels in Naomi Campbell, urging terrorists on, by Aaron Klein.

Klein writes: “What do America's terrorist enemies think of supermodel Naomi Campbell's lovey-dovey solidarity meeting this week with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez? I don't need to speculate. I called a bunch of terrorists and asked for their two cents! ‘I think the visit presents a slap in the face to Bush and his government and his policy. ... The fact that she respects Chavez and his ideals can bring more people to follow this step,’ said Abu Nasser, chief of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades terror group.” --Janine Zeitlin

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