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Ten Unforgettable Chris Bosh Miami Heat Moments

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Chris Bosh's time with the Miami Heat is now over, but what a time it was. It was sometimes easy to overlook Bosh, because the Heat was a juggernaut full of stars, including two of the NBA's best in LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. Bosh consistently wouldn't be forgotten, though. His plays on the court and his infectious personality off the court made him too much of a pleasure not to enjoy.

It seemed like Bosh the basketball player was often overshadowed by Bosh the person. Heat fans probably, to this day, would rather have a beer with Bosh than shoot baskets with him.  

In honor of Chris Bosh the basketball player, comedian, actor, and most interesting man, here are a few of our favorite Boshy Bear Miami moments. 

10. Chris Bosh speaks Spanish at the Big Three welcome party.

At the time, we were all OMG, he speaks Spanish! Later on, we would find out he was sandbagging our asses with this high-school stuff. He's straight-up fluent in Spanish. 

9. Chris Bosh the video-bomb gawd.

As this ESPN segment above shows, Chris Bosh video bombs became a thing that brought the team's players together and kept them loose at a time when the rest of the nation hated the Miami Heat's guts. Bosh was the king of video bombs, somehow never disappointing. His face alone could make you crack up. Even LeBron got a kick out of it at a time when he was trying to pull off this evil, never-laughing, me-against-the-world persona. 

8. Chris Bosh dunks on the entire Atlanta Hawks team. 

On all of their faces. All of them. Every Atlanta Hawk that was on the court — Boshterized. It was mad early in the game, but Bosh was having none of the Hawks' weak-ass shit. 

7. Chris Bosh hits a game winner versus the Portland Trailblazers.

Between a ridiculous backward shovel pass by Wade and the private-investigator-dressed LeBron booty dance afterward, Bosh's game-winning three was almost an afterthought here. Almost. Boshy roar. 

6. Chris Bosh says "shit" on TV, but it's OK because he is Chris Bosh.

Who does this? It might be hard to remember, but before the Big Three, video bombs weren't really a thing. Bosh made them a thing and then took said thing too far this once. It was OK, though, because he's Chris Bosh. 

5. Chris Bosh blocks Kevin Durant in the 2012 NBA Finals. 

Back before anyone was sure the whole Big Three thing would work out, Chris Bosh made a clutch play to make sure it didn't all fall apart before it ever got going. The block came with the series tied at one apiece and the Heat up only one late in the fourth quarter. It changed the series and possibly the future of Miami Heat basketball. 

4. Chris Bosh does the Harlem Shake. 

It's tough to stand out in this video, but Bosh — dressed for bed with a boombox on his shoulder — accomplished that feat. There was a lot to look at in this video, but Bosh was one of our favorites. 

3. Chris Bosh does it his damn self against the San Antonio Spurs. 

On the rare occasions Dwyane Wade and LeBron James both sat out at the same time, it became known as the "Bosh Game." Somehow, with two-thirds of their star trio out, Heat fans grew to look forward to the times Bosh got the team to himself. The above game is the most glaring example of Bosh Game awesomeness. 

2. Chris Bosh sends Danny Green's NBA Finals-clinching shot back into his face. 

It's easy to forget this moment because of what came before it: Ray Allen's miraculous shot. But Bosh's block of Danny Green should also go down in Miami Heat history as one of the biggest plays ever. The block sent the Heat into a Game 7, of which Miami ended up winning, and also sent this basketball back into Green's face. 

1. Chris Bosh pulls down the biggest rebound in Miami Heat history. 

This is just a huge three seconds here: The biggest rebound, the biggest pass, and the biggest shot in Miami Heat history, all in succession. Without this rebound and quick-thinking pass by Bosh, the Heat's entire Big Three experiment would be looked at as a complete failure. One title in four years, with three NBA Finals losses? WooofYou're basically the Buffalo Bills of basketball. Instead, Boshy Bear snatched that ball out of the sky and sent it over to Jesus Shuttlesworth, who took care of the rest. 

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