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Ten Things That Made Us Proud to Be a Miamian In 2012

There are a lot of things that go down in Miami that, if we were sane, would make us ashamed to live here. Of course, true Miamians don't really experience "shame" like other humans do. We prefer to fixate on the positive. You know, the things that we can brag about. So here are ten things that made us proud to be a Miamian this year.

10. The Dolphins cheerleaders made the definitive lip dub of "Call Me Maybe"

For a song that was covered, parodied, and lip dubbed on YouTube approximately 578,927 times, it's pretty impressive that our own Dolphins cheerleaders managed to make the one that got the most intention. Even more impressive that a bunch of US Troops stationed in Afghanistan made a shot-by-shot remake.

9. Proving to everyone our dedication to democracy by surviving five-hour voting lines.

People may make fun of us for our particular brand of democracy in the 305, but we proved our dedication to voting this year by waiting in lines in the hot Florida sun for hours on end, in some cases until two in the morning. Our local politicians and officials came off looking bad, but our local voters deserve a gold star in addition to that "I voted" for not abandoning the lines in mass.

8. Dannell Leyva

OK, maybe he didn't get the gold, but dammit, the Miami-born Cuban-American gymnast's bronze in the men's all-around was the only medal the men's team brought home in the sport.

7. Latrice Royale became the world's most loved drag queen 

She may not have won RuPaul's Drag Race, but she did what almost no reality TV contestant has done before her: make every single viewer fall in love with her.

6. Officially reclaiming our crown as the city with the most attractive residents.

Excuse our beauty. Or don't, you're ugly anyway.

5. Rick Ross

When your city is home to two chart-topping "rappers" who now sacrifice quality, critical appeal and credibility for maximum commercial appeal, your city's rap scene may seem like it's becoming some sort of rave rap joke. Thankfully there's the Boss. The guy not only released a posse album, and official studio album, but two well received mix tapes (one of which was called The Black Bar Mitzvah and no one even blinked). He's racking up spots on best of lists, and few rappers in the game can touch him. He might even get an Oscar nomination for his song in Django Unchained. What did you do this year?

4. Electing Florida's first openly gay state politician

Even Texas has elected openly gay politicians to their state legislatures before, but Florida remained the biggest state never to do so. That changed with the election of David Richardson to a House seat from a Miami Beach district.

3. Shit Miami Girls Say

The "Shit ____ say" meme may have been like super played out, but irregardeless, this spot-on parody of Miami kids got us, like, super excited, bro.

2. These monkeys from Zoo Miami

1. The Miami Heat winning the NBA Championship


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