Ten Pro Tips To Survive Hurricane Season Like a Native

The storm formerly known as Dorian looks less likely to ruin your life but hey, you never know. Hurricane season is upon us, so you darn well better be ready for everything from a temporary power outage to a Sharknado. From the minute a storm jumps off Africa and starts soaking up that warm water HGH, we start having to pay attention. The price we pay to live in paradise is that there is always the off-chance a storm named Jennifer will come put your entire life in a washing machine.

Every year around this time "Hurricane Survial Lists" including your same basic necessities will pop up at places like Publix, but most of them are outdated and down right assumed at this point. If I have to tell you that you may want to have some extra bottled water or batteries on hand this time of year then this is more likely than not your first rodeo. Here are a few things that your hurricane guide forget to remind you about. Things that only a true native veteran of hurricane season knows to prepare for.

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