Ten Potential FIU Coaches Worse Than Isiah Thomas

The Isiah Thomas era is officially over at FIU, and, well, the program still exists! So there's something! Thomas's stunt hiring didn't irretrievably break the program. There's still hope. Maybe FIU can hire some respected assistant from a larger program to help take the school to a new level. Or maybe they can just hire another stunt coach designed to make headlines and get publicity for the school and little else.

Here's out suggestions. We think most of them would be worse than Thomas. 

10. Shaq's stunt double from Kazaam
9. Michael Jordan's ex-wife Juanita
8. Ronnie Saikaly, Miami Heat star turned House DJ
7. The dog from Air Bud (never mind that he's been dead for 14 years)
5. Whoopi Goldberg, in character as the titular role in Eddie
4. Ryan Leaf
3. Evelyn Lozado from Basketball Wives
2. Cam Cameron 
1. Dennis Rodman. Apparently he needs the money

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