Ten Dirtiest Hotels in America List Includes Two on Miami Beach

Cleanliness is next to Godliness, and according to a recent list by Trip Advisor two Miami Beach hotels are devilishly dirty. The website's list of the ten dirtiest hotels in America includes two right here on Miami Beach.

The Parisian Hotel & Suites on 1510 Collins Ave has the dubious distinction of coming in at number seven. The Continental Oceanfront Hotel South Beach just up the street at 1825 Collins rounds out the list at number ten.

We've always imagined some of the hotels around the airport would be far dirtier than anything on South Beach, but then again those building are probably newer and some guests seem to have a habit of only staying an hour at a time.

Yesterday, CBS's Early Show travel editor Peter Greenberg visited the Continental. Here's what he had to say:

There is terrible water damage in this hotel -- mold, peeling paint, cracked walls. You really need to consider that when you're in a place like Miami Beach -- the heat and water in the air must really be taken into consideration -- you don't want to end up in a bacteria haven like this place.

The Continental and the Parisian are some of the least expensive hotels on Collins though, so you get what you pay for.

Of course, being locals, we aren't really sure what to do with this information. Recommend them to frenemies coming for a visit? Be sure to never go back for the night with a tourist staying at either of these places?

Surprisingly the hotels where the Jersey Shore cast stayed did not make the list.

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