Ten Miami Sports Debates to Have at Your Fourth of July Cookout

Tom Brady or Tua Tagovailoa?
Tom Brady or Tua Tagovailoa? Photos by Maize & Blue Nation/Wikimedia Commons and Mark Brown/Getty
This holiday weekend, Miamians all over Dade County will come together to celebrate America in the most American way possible: by firing off hot sports takes while standing around a hot grill. Thanks to freedom of speech, no one can be jailed for their terrible sports opinions! U-S-A!

Debating sports opinions while attempting to get the perfect grill marks on a hot dog is exactly what the founders of this country intended for us to do on America's birthday. It's right there in the Constitution. Maybe read a book?

Few settings lend themselves better to a spicy sports debate than a good old-fashioned cookout. To help you prepare for these discussions, we've compiled a list of ten of the topics most likely to come up.
Did the Dolphins screw up by not trying hard to sign Tom Brady? This time last season, Tom Brady was a free agent looking for a new home. Fast-forward to today and he has a new home in Tampa Bay, where he's still winning Super Bowls, only with a much better tan.

Apparently, Tampa Bay wasn't Brady's first choice in Florida. Reports emerged this week that the mystery team he spoke to before signing was the Miami Dolphins, and he was shocked they didn't want to help Ryan Fitzpatrick pack.

Should the Dolphins have gone after their longtime nemesis, or did they take the right route with Tua Tagovailoa?
Is Tyler Herro too much of a "celebrity"? This past week, Five Reasons Sports reported that the Miami Heat is likely to get rid of Tyler Herro this offseason, mainly because he's become too much of a celebrity for its liking. The report said the Heat is "75 percent or more" likely to trade the second-year guard this offseason.

Apparently, higher-ups at the Heat weren't huge fans of his cereal, signature burrito bowls at Chipotle, or his plethora of other endorsements. Is branding yourself this hard before actually accomplishing anything in the NBA a tradeable issue, or is Herro right to cash in on his fame while he's a hot commodity?
Should the Marlins #PayMarte? The Miami Marlins are notoriously cheap. They don't pay for good players, and if they do, they eventually trade them away. This offseason, the Marlins are faced with another conundrum: Do they pay their starting center fielder, Starling Marte, the salary he'll likely command?

Most Marlins fans will say of course, but some argue he's too old to sign to a large contract and that the Marlins would be better off spending elsewhere.
Is Dwyane Wade's new game show The Cube the worst game show of all time? After seeing 500 commercials for Dwyane Wade's new TBS game show The Cube during the NBA playoffs, we had a sense it was going to be terrible. What we didn't expect is that it would be a contender for the title of Worst Game Show Ever Created. It's that bad.

The entire show is built around putting a clown-nose-looking ball into a tube. Sometimes with your mouth. Sometimes with your hand. Sometimes you bounce the ball in. Other times you pick it up and put it in a hole. That's the show.

Is it the worst, or just one of the worst? You decide.
Should the Miami Heat bring back Udonis Haslem the player? First of all: We've covered this. Yes, it should. No, UD should not retire. But if there's anything we've all learned over the last five years, it's that just because something is a provable fact doesn't mean 50 percent of Americans won't pretend the opposite is true.

Go ahead, be the person at the Fourth of July cookout who drunkenly argues that Udonis Haslem needs to retire. Embarrass yourself!
Would the 2011-2014 Heat "Big 3" beat the Brooklyn Nets' "Big 3"? For whatever reason, Chris Bosh said the above thing this week, and Heat fans were having none of it. The question was if the LeBron James "Big 3" of the Miami Heat would beat the current Brooklyn Nets trio of Durant, Harden, and Kyrie.

Bosh went with the Nets core. Bosh was wrong!
Do you know who Jazz Chisholm is? This is purely a test. Walk around your Fourth of July party and ask other partygoers if they know who Jazz Chisholm is. Whatever the results of your survey, they shouldn't be anything less than 100 percent. The Marlins' 23-year-old middle infielder needs to be a household name in Miami.

The Marlins need a bona-fide star on the diamond and off of it. They need a face. They haven't had it since JosĂ© Fernández died tragically and the team traded Giancarlo Stanton. Jazz is changing all that, every night.
Should the Dolphins bench Tua if he struggles this season or let him ride it out? The biggest mistake the Miami Dolphins made last season may have been benching their rookie quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa, every time he struggled. Many believe that was a wasted experience. Ryan Fitzpatrick has since moved on to Washington, and with him go all those tough moments Tua watched from the sidelines.

The question is, if Tua struggles this season, do the Dolphins go to the new backup, Jacoby Brissett? Is winning the most important thing, or is letting your investment learn on the job more crucial in the long run?
Would you rather the Heat trade for Damian Lillard or sign Kawhi Leonard? Two league-changing players could be available this offseason: Damian Lillard and Kawhi Leonard. Lillard will cost the Heat a bunch of assets. Leonard would only cost the Heat a lot of money in free agency, but the team would need to move players to clear that room.

Which acquisition gives the Heat the best chance to compete for a championship next season? Opinions are mixed on the topic.
Should collegiate athletes be able to profit off their likeness while still in school? An entirely new world opened up this week when the courts made it official: Collegiate athletes are allowed to get sponsorship deals and otherwise make money off their name, and the NCAA can just deal with it.

For years, the argument has been that players are paid in tuition and that opening an avenue of revenue would lead to an inevitable wave of cheating and corruption. Now we'll find out if any of those concerns were warranted. 
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Ryan Yousefi is a freelance writer for Miami New Times, a lover of sports, and an expert consumer of craft beer and pho. Hanley Ramirez once stole a baseball from him and to this day still owes him $10.