Juan Gil and Joel Rodriguez
Juan Gil and Joel Rodriguez
Miami-Dade Corrections

Teens Arrested For Shooting Up Miami Springs High With Paintball Guns

Thankfully it only involved paint, but two not-so-bright teens pulled off a school shooting yesterday at Miami Spring Senior High School.

Joel Rodriguez and Juan Gil, both 18, were out "to get a student by the name of Mike," according to the arrest report. So the pair drove by the school with loaded paintball guns and shot two people. The victim, apparently "Mike," was shot in the left arm. Another woman was shot in the chest.

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Police say Gil was driving the car while Rodirquez was the shooter. Neither attended the school.

Both were booked into jail at a round 5:30 p.m. last night. They both face charges of assault, battery, battery on a specified official or employee, and trespassing on school ground after a warning. Bond has been set at $7,500 for each.

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