Teenage Girl Arrested in Crazy Wynwood Purse Snatch Attempt

Early on a Tuesday afternoon, Valentina Baiz, an 18-year-old FIU student, was walking in Wynwood with a friend and carrying a large purse. According to a police report, as she strolled east along Northwest 22nd Street — just a couple blocks from Panther Coffee and Wynwood's main business district — Baiz was approached from behind by another teen girl.

Suddenly the girl grabbed Baiz's purse and attempted to snatch it — but Baiz held on. And held on and held on: For several seconds the mugger tried to violently yank away the purse, but Baiz refused to let go, even as she was pulled backwards and fell onto the ground, her arms extended.

The struggle then continued into the middle of the street, Baiz still being violently pulled; Baiz was nearly hit by an oncoming car before her attacker gave up and hopped in a getaway car. 

The strange altercation, which went down on July 7, was captured on surveillance camera, later obtained by Local 10: 

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According to the police report, Baiz suffered "abrasions and lacerations" on her arms and legs as a result of the attack. Afterwards, the student was understandably shaken and told the station it all happened so fast she hardly realized what was happening.

Now police have made an arrest — and it's another teenage girl charged with the crime. After Baiz was presented with a lineup, she picked out her attacker, who police identified as 16-year-old Carnisha Garvin. Garvin was arrested Tuesday evening and charged with a felony: attempted strong-arm robbery.

Only attempted, of course, because Baiz successfully held onto her purse. 
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Trevor Bach