Tea Party Protests Make Less Sense than Pro Wrestling

You know what never made sense to me? Back in the '90s, the WWF (now WWE) teamed up "The Million-Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase, a character who was a millionaire, with Irwin R. Schyster, AKA I.R.S., a tax man. Together they won three tag-team titles, but, dude, millionaires friggin' hate the IRS more than anything. Right? Why would a millionaire fight alongside some guy who taxes his income at 35 percent?

You know what other tax-related subject makes even less sense to me? This tea bag bullshit. Conservatives are holding "tea parties" across the country to protest taxes. This a nod to the Boston Tea Party, where colonists protested taxes, sure, but more precisely, their right to be taxed only by their own self-elected representatives ("no taxation without representation," anyone?). Well, we fought this whole Revolutionary War thing, got our own democratic government, and they have been taxing us for hundreds of years now. Which is pretty much what the colonists wanted and a fact we've lived with ever since.

We have representation. We have taxation. This is the accepted way most First-World governments have worked for centuries. This past November, we elected a guy who promised to tax the rich a bit more and lower taxes on the lower classes, which most Americans support, but apparently this whole idea of taxes is now horrible and must be protested. Whatever. Me? I'm still protesting the crappy logic of pro-wrestling bookers.

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