Tampa Prudes Promise to Ruin Lingerie Bowl for Everyone

We understand the disgust some folks might feel when they're introduced to the idea of lingerie football. It's always something like "blah blah blah exploitation, vulgar, sexist blah blah blah." But this is America, and if pretty, young ladies want to be exploited or whatever by making money to play football in lacy underwear, they have every right to. Besides, we suppose it's better than all the other ways they could be making money showing off their assets.

Well, the Lingerie Bowl this year is set to be played in Tampa over two days. Since the game is spinning off into an actual league next year, four teams will battle for a spot in the main event (a pay-per-view Super Bowl halftime special), including your Miami Caliente. That is, unless a bunch of uptight Tampa residents get their way and the promoters fail to get their house in order.

Horizon Production Inc., the organization behind the event, still needs

to file some paperwork and finalize some permits, but even then, local

leaders will be standing in their way, according to MSNBC:

"We are totally opposed to this kind of event being held in our

neighborhood," said Bob Allen, president of the Hyde Park Neighborhood

Association. "You can expect to see a whole bunch of angry citizens at

the next city council meeting. We will fight this thing."

Hell hath no fury like a mob of pissed-off prudes. But listen, guys, and we hate to keep harping on this,

but you know, we have actual problems going on in the state that

people need to get pissed off about. How about getting angry about the education cuts the legislature is planning on making, instead of ladies playing football in

their undies? Can you possibly find it in your heart to get pissed off

at something that matters?

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.