Tampa Named Unsexiest Travel Destination in America

A lot of weird things in Florida happen every week, and on Fridays we're here to bring you the weirdest. This week: Tampa gets seriously shaded, a portrait artist at Universal Studios gets seriously slashed, and some Islamophobes are seriously uncouth.

Tampa Named Least Sexy Travel Destination in America 
Poor Tampa. It can't catch a break. Chris Rock once named it the strip-club capital of America, but apparently it isn't sexy enough. 

Miss Travel is a dating app that matches (mostly) women with (mostly) men who want to take them on exotic, romantic vacations. The app decided to comb through its data and find the cities where trips were passed up most. It then named those cities the least sexy in America. Turns out Tampa came out on top. Apparently a whopping 96 percent of female users on Miss Travel turned away the offer of a free trip to Tampa, according to Bro Bible

To repeat: These are girls looking for a free trip just about anywhere, and 96 percent of them turned down an offer to go to Tampa. 

Though, we can't say we blame them. The last time someone took a notable free trip to Tampa, it ended up being the basis of that Zola Twitter story

Universal Studios Caricature Artist Tries to Stab Manager 
Have you ever gotten your portrait drawn at an Orlando theme park? We'd like to pretend that's a happy job, so the artists there are in a good mood and draw us in the best possible light. But apparently some Orlando theme park caricature artists aren't quite that pleased with their lives. 

Frederick Torres, a caricature artist at Universal Studios, was arrested New Year's Day on charges of attempted first-degree murder after allegedly using scissors to stab his manager, who is also an artist. 

Universal Studios contracts its artists from an outside firm, and the director of that firm, Anthony Fasen, called Torres the day before to tell him he was fired. Torres then showed up at Universal's Islands of Adventure the next day and targeted his manager, another artist, Glenn Ferguson, and chased him through the park. Torres ended up slashing Ferguson with a pair of scissors and cut an artery in his neck. Apparently, Torres thought of Ferguson as the firm's number one artist and wanted to kill him in retaliation for his firing. Ferguson survived — though police haven't released info on his condition — but Torres faces murder charges.

Bigots Use Bacon to Vandalize Florida Mosque 
Nearly one out of three people on the planet belongs to the Islamic faith. A very small number of them have resorted to violence in a very confused showing of their faith, but that hasn't stopped some ignorant Americans from deciding that all Muslims are the enemy. 

In Titusville, a man with a machete was caught on camera vandalizing a mosque New Year's Day. The man allegedly used the machete to smash lights, windows, and surveillance cameras. To top it all off, he left bacon on the doorstep. (The consumption of pork is forbidden by strict Islamic law.)

Michael Scott Wolfe, 35, was later arrested and charged with felony criminal mischief.

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