Tabloid: Ricky Martin Dated Prop 8 Supporter Eduardo Verastegui

Eduardo Verastegui got famous for prancing around half-naked in front of cameras [NSFW], putting in time as a telenovela hearth throb and being a part of a Mexican boy band. Then around 2006 he went full-fledged conservative on everyone. He endorsed John McCain, made a long video critical of Barack Obama's stance on abortion, and publicly supported California's Prop 8, which banned gay marriage. 

Now Spanish-language tabloid TV y Novelas claims that he used to date Ricky Martin back when he was in the closet. ¡Ay Dios mio! Apparently other media had reported that Verastegui also possibly fathered Martin's children. Verastegui vehemently denied those charges, according to a Mexican gossip site.

"Rumors will always exist, whatever you do. For eight years I have promoted the message of chastity, purity, faith and hope to the world. You realize that some people might not like that, and are going to invent any kind of gossip to try to discredit what we are doing," he said in Spanish.

Also, let's remember that TV y Novelas is the same rag that blared allegations that Father Cutie was gay on its cover, and those rumors never seemed to hold water. 

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