Swine Flu in Cuba, Castro Has a Conspiracy Theory

The fear over swine flu might be dissipating now that health officials are telling us the worst could be over, but one country has just experienced its first case: Florida's nearest international neighbor, Cuba.

The Castro regime hoped to keep Cuba swine-flu-free by placing strict restrictions on travel from Mexico (note to people who wanted the U.S. to do the same thing: It's a Communist move), but a Mexican medical student studying on the island has now been confirmed to have the virus.

Fidel Castro, the ever-paranoid man he is, of course has a conspiracy theory, and took to a government website:

"The only thing that can be confirmed now is

that it was not the CIA that introduced it. It came from Mexico...

Mexican authorities did not inform the world of the presence of the

flu virus while they were awaiting Obama's visit, and now they are

threatening to suspend President Calderón's visit, something that

had been already done earlier because of other understandable and

non-flu epidemic-related reasons. At this point, we and dozens of

other countries are paying the piper and on top of that we are being

accused of using harmful measures against Mexico.

Well, the facts don't line up with Fidel's assessment, but at least this conspiracy theory is more plausible than the idea the CIA introduced it.

Castro then concluded his post with this: "I am merely expressing ideas that occur to me as the news kept coming," which basically means ol' Fidel has been reduced to a cranky, paranoid blogger.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.