Sweltering Florida Man Holds Air Conditioning Repairman Hostage at Gunpoint

How hot is it this week in Florida? So f'ing hot that sweat-crazed home owners are holding their air conditioning repairmen at gunpoint until they get the damn things working again. At least that's what police say happened up near Daytona Beach, when a 54-year-old man held a repairman hostage while he called 911 to complain about getting charged a fee even though the AC was still broken.

"He's expecting us to pay the $100 even though he fried our unit," Stephen Nguyen complains to the 911 operator as his dad, Stan, aims a loaded gun at the repairman.

The trouble went down on Friday in Deltona, Florida, when the Nguyens called a repairman named Sean Hickman to come fix their air conditioner.

Nguyen became enraged, police say, after Hickman took the unit apart and explained the problem and what it would cost to fix it; things got even worse when the repairman handed over his $100 invoice for taking a look at the AC.

That's when Nguyen pulled a gun and Hickman ducked behind his car and called 911.

"I just had the homeowner here pull a gun on me," the repairman tells an operator. "I tried to collect my service call fee, and the gentleman tells me I blew up his air conditioning and ... (then) pulled what looks like either a .25 or a .380 on me."

As you can hear on the full audio of his call (via the Daytona Beach News-Journal), Hickman later ducked behind his van as Nguyen tried to fire the gun into the ground.

Nguyen's son, meanwhile, told police a different story:

Volusia County Sheriff's eventually arrived and arrested Nguyen without incident. He's charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The AC, presumably, is still broken. Here's the full arrest report from the Volusia County Sheriff's Office:
Stan Nguyen Arrest

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