Surprisingly, Right-Wing Radio Host Has His Facts Wrong

You can tell information is factually accurate when the author prefaces his little article with a boast about how one time he called a Democratic congresswoman a "poverty pimp" to her face. Oh snap. He then blathers on, "If her constituents somehow became affluent -- in spite of her best efforts to fight such -- they would throw her out of office at their earliest opportunity. This is because her high tax and big government worldview is opposed to the idea of wealth creation."

That's how Kevin Price, a right-wing radio host, started off his latest press release. He lists U.S. cities with the highest poverty rates and then implies the reason everyone is so poor is because they keep electing Democratic mayors. Miami comes in fifth, and Price says, "This city has never had a Republican mayor."

Uhhh, Mr. Price, we'd like to introduce you to Joe Carollo, or our current mayor, Independent Manny Diaz, for that matter. Or how about Xavier Suarez, who wasn't a Republican as mayor, but sure is now.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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