Surgeon Caught Stealing Equipment From Jackson Memorial Hospital

Jackson Health System has enough money problems at the moment. The last thing it needs is its own surgeons stealing medical equipment from the financially strapped public hospital system. Yet Nir Hus, a surgeon and postgraduate fellow at Jackson Memorial Hospital, has been arrested on charges of repeatedly snatching equipment from the hospital.

Hurs, a 37-year-old resident, was observed on security footage May 21 entering a surgical equipment storage unit carrying an empty bag. He was then spotted leaving with a full bag and his free hand carrying equipment.

When Hurs was spotted, he was asked to justify his loot to security. He told them he needed the equipment to perform surgery. When his story didn't check out, he was asked to return the equipment.

That didn't stop Hurs from trying again. He also took items out of the storage unit another two days. Hurs was also observed near the storage room May 31.

Finally, on June 1, the security office called Hurs in again. Then he admitted in a written statement that he was the man seen on security footage and that he intended to use the supplies for surgery. He explained that when he didn't use all of the equipment, he took the rest home to use at a later date.

On Monday, Hurs returned 34 pieces of equipment he had stolen. He's since been arrested and faces two counts of grand theft.

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Kyle Munzenrieder