Super-Hot Senate Poll Action: No One Likes Corrine Brown

Mason-Dixon released another Senate poll, and like every single 2010 Florida Senate poll before it, it finds Charlie Crist is far and away the frontrunner. Ninety-seven percent recognize Crist's name, and 49 percent of regular voters find him favorable. Marco Rubio is raising his statewide name recognition: 53 percent of voters recall his name, but only 18 percent find him favorable; 11 percent find him unfavorable. It goes without saying that Crist is still trouncing Rubio.

Here's the good news for Rubio: Out of Republican voters who recognize both names, the race tightens to a slim 33-31 percent in favor of Crist, with 36 percent undecided. 

The Democrat side remains pretty unknown. Thirty-eight percent know of Kendrick Meek; 39 percent know Corrine Brown. The bad news for Brown is that only 4 percent of voters hold a favorable opinion of her, while 15 percent find her unfavorable; 10 percent of Democrat voters disapprove, while only 9 percent approve. Meek leads Brown 27 to 12 percent, with 61 percent still undecided. 

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