Super Bowl XLIII Makes Us Only a Little More Bitter About Cam Cameron

The thought in the back of my mind last night while watching the game was "Hmmm, how do I recap this for Riptide tomorrow with some sort of Miami Dolphins peg." Something of a challenge, considering the Dolphins weren't playing, if you weren't aware.

When the Cardinals went scoreless for the first quarter and well into the second, I was prematurely ready to go with "Yes! Your Miami Dolphins no longer have to own up to worst Super Bowl performance in NFL history!"

Way back in Super Bowl VI we only managed to put three points on the board. A stat made less painful by the perfect season completed by Super Bowl VII and winning Super Bowl VIII the year after for good measure, but it's a shameful historical foot note none the less.

Then when the Cards, some how, some way, pulled ahead I was prepared to take to the blog with some sort of "They Out Cinderella'd Us!" faux-rant. Seriously, the Dolphin's surprising season was supposed to be the NFL Cinderella story of 2008, and then comes along this 8-7 team who some how, for a second, looked like they were going to win the Super Bowl, and all the sudden the prince is trying to kiss someone else before midnight.

Then, becuase Pittsburgh is a way better team and deserved to win, they did. So the only thing I'm left with is this: Fuck you Cam Cameron, and the Huzienga you rode in.

Pittsburgh Head Coach Mike Tomlin interviewed with the Dolphins for the head coaching job back in 2007. The management decided to pass on a second interview, and then settled on Cam Cameron. Excellent choice you guys.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.