Super Bowl Pits Kim Kardashian Against Kendra Wilkinson

You can't even host a Super Bowl in Miami anymore without it having some shallow reality teevee flair. Yes, two of the E! channel's favorite buxom bimbettes will almost assuredly be in the stands at Sun Life Stadium come February 7.

That's because Saints star Reggie Bush has been notably tapping the famous assets of Keeping Up star Kim Kardashian on and off for years now. While former Girls Next Door and current solo show star Kendra Wilkenson moved out of Hugh Hefner's Viagra-riddled sex dungeon and into holy matrimony with Indianapolis Colts player Hank Baskett earlier this year. 

Despite an off-year for Bush personally, he was a major factor in the Saints win against the Cardinals in the play-offs and caught a TD pass last night. Meanwhile, no one probably would be paying much attention to Baskett during the big game if it wasn't for his tabloid-bait wife. In his first year with the Colts, the wide receiver has caught only four passes  for 34 yards. He hasn't even been in play during the post-season. 

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