Super Bowl Host Curse: Is There Good News To Losing Out on Big Game Hosting Duties?

If we were conspiracy theorists we'd have some half-formed theory that whenever Miami played host city to the Super Bowl there is some secret plan to make sure the Dolphins don't make it to the big game. It would ensure that other team's fan bases travel down in droves with all their out-of-town money and need for hotel reservations. Our only evidence would be that the Fins, nor any other team, has ever appeared in a Super Bowl in their home stadium. If it's not a conspiracy, then maybe a curse. So does the fact that the NFL has cast doubt on future Super Bowls in the 305 actually have an upside?

Dallas plays host to next year's Super Bowl in their shiny, new $1.3 billion dollar stadium. Cowboy fans are already crowing about the idea of being the first team to win the big game on their home turf.

Yes they had a decent season last year, yes they're returning all but two of their starters, and yes Tony Romo hasn't porked Jessica Simpson in years, but NFL history tells them not to hold their breath.

Only five teams have made it even into the playoffs in seasons their city was hosting the Bowl. Four of those five were Miami squads (not surprising when you consider Miami has hosted 10 out of 44 Super Bowls).

The '70, '94 and '98 Fins made it to the divisional rounds, while the the '78 team crapped out in the wild card round. The '00 Bucs were the only other host team to make it to the play offs, and they too got picked off in the first round.

So conspiracy or curse, the fact that Miami won't be hosting the Super Bowl every five years or so is good cosmic news for our hopes of one day actually appearing in the game again. We're also crossing our fingers hoping that the curse effects the Jets in the worst way in the '13 season.

Yeah, it's a bummer that Roger Goodell has indicated Sun Microsystems Sunn O))) Sanford and Sun Sun Life Stadium won't be hosting the big game unless it gets big renovations, but maybe there's an upside.

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Kyle Munzenrieder