Super Bowl Did Little to Bolster Miami's Image, Might Have Helped New Orleans More

The Dolphins might be cooking up various schemes to get South Florida taxpayers to foot the bill for the proposed makeover of Sunny D Sun O))) Sun Life Stadium so the city can host future Super Bowls, but a new study shows Miami didn't receive much of an image boost from the big game even though Super Bowl XLIV was the most watched TV program in American history.

Competitive Edge Research & Communications has studied the image boost of host cities from the past seven Super Bowls. Four of those cities received a boost, but that wasn't the case this year. The game had very little effect on how Americans view the Magic City.

Miami was mentioned only four times during the game, all coming after halftime. The first live shot shown during the game was not of Miami, but of New Orleans' Bourbon Street.

Though the NFL took measures to make Fort Lauderdale feel like an equal partner in this year's game, hosting most of the official events there, the study didn't measure the impact on Broward County. The study also didn't measure any effect of hosting the Pro Bowl or of CBS moving many of its news shows to Miami during the week.

However, a study shows the game might have helped the image of the winning Saints' hometown, New Orleans. Forty percent of Americans now have a positive view of N'awlins, up from 38 percent in 2004 and 24 percent in 2007, post-Katrina.

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