Sun-Sentinel Wants to Know if You'd Like to Watch People Die

Hey, you. Yeah, you over there. You look like a man who enjoys watching a video of people being beaten, maimed, tortured, maybe even killed. Yeah, I can tell that about ya. Listen, I know a guy who might be able to get some of those kinda films, but it might look bad for a guy like me giving snuff films to a guy like you. Know what I mean? But as long as you promise not to judge me for giving 'em to ya, I won't judge you for watching 'em. Alone. On your laptop. In the dark. Doing God knows what. Deal?

Basically, this is what we think the Sun-Sentinel is asking.

In Fort Lauderdale last year, two British tourists were run over and killed by a speeding Porsche. Local 10 got a hold of surveillance video, which we remind you shows two people actually being killed, and put it online.

Now, it shouldn't surprise anyone that Local 10 lacks some morals, but the Sun-Sentinel is apparently taking a poll to decide if it should sink to WPLG's level in the future. See, the Sun-Sentinel didn't post the video, but linked to it, and then probably realized it just gave a whole lot of traffic to what is essentially a competing news website.

Riptide does not post videos of people dying; however, we do offer you the opportunity to watch me die a little bit more on the inside each and every time I write about Jersey Shore.

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