Sucks To Be a Sports Fan in Miami

Forbes, the business magazine that specializes in creating useless lists and manages to somehow still remain relevant, has bestowed Miami the honor dishonor of being the worst city to be a sports fan. Riptide couldn't agree more, but for drastically different reasons.

Forbes based their results on some oh-so-complicated calculation that included the cost for a family of four to attend the game, winning percentage and market comparisons -- er, we know, we didn't care to figure it out either. Forbes basically says the city is full of poor people who are forking over too much money for teams that on average win only 40 percent of the time.

The magazine could have saved its fancy shmancy formula and given the title to the city based on its most obvious problem: fan loyalty. Unlike Cubs or Red Sox fans, Miamians have decided they have better things to do than fill up the seats to see their teams lose time and time again.

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-- Jose D. Duran

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