"Nah bra, it's just a 'herbal cigarette.' Oh, that's banned too, now?"
"Nah bra, it's just a 'herbal cigarette.' Oh, that's banned too, now?"

Students Told to Butt Out: Florida Colleges Restrict Outdoor Smoking

Theoretically, college campuses are supposed to be safe havens for all sorts of new experiences and personal freedoms. Ideally, that means intellectual pursuits, but let's be real -- in Florida that means the freedom to experience all sorts of "substances." But a growing trend in Sunshine State scholastic institutions sees smoking being restricted or completely banned on campus.

The Sun-Sentinel reports that Florida Atlantic University is restricting outdoor smoking to only 20 spots, with plans to go completely smoke-free in a year. One question: Does that extend to football coach Howard Schnellenberger's pipe?

University of Florida will go smoke-free in July. Apparently, the plan has been in the works and isn't a knee-jerk reaction to make sure Urban Meyer's health isn't threatened anymore.

University of Miami will ban smoking on its medical campus, but smokers can still get their nic fix on the main Coral Gables campus (as long as it's 25 feet from a building, a rule we've never actually seen enforced). 

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