Stolen Parrot Returned to Owner Thanks to Vigilant Miami Beach Cop

Thieves in Miami will steal anything that's not nailed down if the opportunity arises. Unfortunately, you can't nail down your pet parrot, because that's just animal cruelty. So keep a watchful eye on your feathered friends, because one was recently stolen from a Miami Beach apartment. Thankfully, a vigilant policeman helped return the bird to its rightful owner.

This past Tuesday morning, Miami Beach Police Officer Robert Montesinos noticed a man running out of an apartment on 82nd Street holding a large cage with a parrot inside and getting into a waiting car. Suspicious, Montesinos followed the car and pulled it over when the driver ran a stop sign.

The suspects inside claimed they had just bought the bird, and lacking any evidence to the contrary, Montesinos let them go.

But what do you know? A report of grand theft parrot in the area of 82nd Street came down the wire the next day.

Officer Montesinos remembered Anthony Jesus Jimenez, the man he pulled over the day before, and arrived at his apartment.

Jimenez admitted he stole the parrot and sold it to a pet store for $275.

Police were able to recover Freckles the Parrot and return it to its rightful owner.

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