Stolen Car Chase Ends When Thieves Crash Into Tree

A carjacking ended this morning with an assist from Mother Nature. After trying to evade police the suspects ended up crashing the stolen ride into a tree.

At about 2 a.m. this morning police received reports of a carjacking near NE 33rd Street and Biscayne (you know, in the safe and trendy Edgewater neighborhood). The thieves and the gold Lexus they jacked however were gone by the time police arrived.

According to WSVN, Miami police then tracked the car to Miami Beach. The carjackers had apparently gotten lost and ended up in a parking lot along Collins Avenue near 72nd street. Police tried to surround the car, but panicked the driver decided to go all action movie and jump a car.

Unfortunately for him he ended up crashing into a tree. See, trees aren't just there for decoration. They're also helpful crime stoppers.

The suspects tried to flee, but police apprehended them on foot.

Police arrested two men inside the car, a juvenile and an adult. A gun was also discovered in the car. Police are still investigating the incident, and neither suspects' name have been released.

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