Steve Marin Is A Big Winner In 2010 Elections

As the 2010 election cycle winds down in the next six days, Banana Republican would like to congratulate lobbyist and campaign consultant Steve Marin for pulling in the big bucks. And if any of his candidates still vying for an elected seat win On November 2, we can only imagine he will solidify his position as the go-to-guy for city of Miami contracts, while raising his profile at County Hall.

Heck, he can even ask for a raise from private sector clients like affordable housing builder Carlisle Development Group and red light camera firm Affiliated Computer Services Inc.

After the jump, read how much Marin has made from local candidates:

  • $48,430 from Annette Taddeo, who didn't make the run-off for county Commissioner Katy Sorenson's seat.
  • $65,000 from county Commissioner Jose "Pepe" Diaz, who was reelected on August 24.
  • $12,910 from county Commissioner Dorrin Rolle, who is in a heated run-off with Haitian American Jean Monestime.
  • $7,295 from Miami city Commissioner Willy Gort, who is facing two challengers on Nov. 2.

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