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After Dolphins Miss Playoffs, Stephen Ross Looks Like a Man Who Is Going to Fire Everyone

Ross was visibly over it as the Dolphins lost.
Stephen Ross
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Before the Dolphins faced the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, it was reported that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross was seriously considering taking a sledgehammer to the entire front office and coaching staff. The rumored house-cleaning included the firing of VP Mike Tannenbaum, head coach Adam Gase, and pretty much anyone else associated with the two.

Everyone was on notice. Sunday was the last chance the current Dolphins regime had to prove there was a reason to think they have the ship sailing in the right direction.

After the Dolphins once again were embarrassing inept on offense and lost one of the most boring games in NFL history to a putrid Jacksonville Jaguars team 17-7, it seems the temperature on Tannenbaum and Gase's seats went from simmer to broil.

Maybe to you, it seems possible Ross didn't see it that way, though. Maybe he doesn't take a single loss in December that hard. He probably wasn't even there on Sunday, right?

Wrong. He was there. And as the game's final moments ticked down, the CBS cameras gave everyone a window into his thoughts. Ross was visibly over it. CBS caught him looking horribly disappointed. And right next to him sat Tannenbaum, appearing as if he knows he needs to update his Linkedin account ASAP.

Yeah. Don't be surprised if you see a mystery Miami Dolphins job opening pop up on Indeed tonight — even though it's Christmas eve. From the look of Stephen Ross, this seems to be a wrap for Adam Gase and Mike Tannenbaum. As it should be. Their time here has been nothing short of a disaster. A familiar mediocrity disaster, for Dolphins fans.

The game started off fine. Really, it did. The Dolphins scored quickly. A drive of nearly 80 yards ended with a Tannehill shovel pass to running back Brandon Bolden. The Dolphins were up 7-0.

Then the rest of the game happened. Or should we say nothing happened, but the game continued in earnest? The Dolphins didn't score again unless you consider Ryan Tannehill throwing an interception to a Jaguars player, who returned it for a touchdown. And that sealed the Dolphins fate.

And now, the Dolphins go home until, fittingly, they all are required by NFL rules to travel to frigid Buffalo to play a football game next weekend literally no one — not even their families — gives a single flying shit about.

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