Stephen Ross Could Decide Joe Philbin's Fate Today After Latest Embarrassing Dolphins Loss

Update: Today, Joe Philbin was fired as head coach of the Miami Dolphins.

The Miami Dolphins continue to invent new and extremely unexciting ways to ruin your Sundays. It's actually impressive at this point. This weekend, they walked into your kitchen at 9:30 a.m., opened the refrigerator, chugged all of your orange juice, made an overstuffed three-piece-of-toast sandwich full of all the eggs and bacon you cooked for your kids, plopped onto the couch, and proceeded to lose to the New York Jets 27-14. 

For fans and pundits, enough is enough — it's time for Joe Philbin to pack his bags. And reportedly, team owner Stephen Ross will decide today whether to ax the coach after four brutal games into what was supposed to be a turnaround season.

The Dolphins flew to London with lots of questions, and they flew back to Miami with lots of answers — just not the ones they were hoping for. The Dolphins still need to scrap their entire coaching staff and start over from scratch. That much is clearer after yet another uninspired performance. 

When the Dolphins travel to Tennessee to face the Titans October 18, they should do so with a new head coach, assuming Ross makes the right decision today. 

Following another embarrassing performance, there were varying takes on how hard Ross was taking the loss. Reports came out at halftime that Ross was furious about the team's play. However, after the game, Philbin didn't seem at all worried when asked if he had contemplated being fired during the bye week. 

"No, not at all,” Philbin told “I’m worried about getting this team straightened out and fixed and getting our team ready to play the Tennessee Titans.”

But most experts think he should be worried — mainly because few people aside from Joe Philbin himself have faith that he can save this sinking vessel. The Dolphins are a dumpster fire, and Philbin's incompetence as a head coach only adds gasoline every Sunday. 

Philbin is now 23-28 as the head coach of the Miami Dolphins — that's simply not good enough. While planes fly above the same stadium where the Dolphins play every Saturday calling for the firing of Al Golden, the reality is that Philbin is the one who deserves much more criticism. Miami deserves better than janitor/babysitter/camp-counselor Joe Philbin. He was never qualified for the job he was handed, and it's about time Ross realizes what fans learned seasons ago: Philbin isn't anywhere close to an NFL head coach. 

With the bye week landing at the perfect time for a new voice to take over the locker room, it's time for Stephen Ross to renovate his coaching staff like his revamped his stadium. If Ross prefers to give Philbin a longer look, he definitely should at the very least relieve defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle of his duties.

The Dolphins' defense is 29th in yards per game and is giving up an average of 25.2 points — brutally underachieving statistics for a squad that was thought to have the talent to be one of the top units in the league.

Fire Philbin. Fire everybody. 

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