State Senate Unanimously Votes To Raise Cigarette Tax

Because people in Tallahassee are a collective mass of "dumb," they're still dealing with a giant budget crisis. So, they went the easiest route and started seriously discussing a $1 tax on each and every pack of cigarettes. They'll talk a good game, "Oh, this is to save people's lives, oh, what's that? Make them illegal then? No..." but really it's for money. Which will work until everyone is priced out of smoking, and then they'll have to legalize other sins to tax...

Anyway. The Senate passed the proposed tax unanimously, as in 39-0. The legislature in Illinois couldn't even impeach Blagojevich unanimously.

Though, they've made some concession. They will not tax tobacco products made in Florida, just those sold in Florida. So the makers of 305 cigarettes and cigar rollers aren't unfairly taxed more than out of state companies.

[Buzz: Senate passes its cig tax 39-0 with protections for cigars]

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