State Rep Wants Superintendent to Be Elected

Last we checked in on the soap opera that is our public school system the school board found itself in a bizarre love triangle with a former science teacher and Pinellas County after sending their former papi packing.

Eduardo "Eddy" Gonzalez, a state Rep. from Hialeah, didn't like the fact that the School Board moved so fast in finding a replacement, and plans to introduce legislation that would require the superintendency to be an elected position.

An excerpt from his statement:

After yesterday's unacceptable nature in which the School Board disenfranchised members of the community and many qualified candidates, I consider it an obligation to the parents, students, and teachers that I move forward with this legislation.

The School Board's decision was conducted in an inappropriate atmosphere; they denied interviews, screenings, or even opening the position to applicants. I am well assured that my colleagues in the Legislature will empower the citizens of Miami-Dade County.

Riptide doesn't think bringing more campaigning and fundraising into the equation is the answer. We know how some people make election decisions. Do we really want to put this job in the hands of the person with the best smile or with the biggest bank account?

Beside the Miami-Dade citizens who would choose the superintendent are the exact same voters who chose the school board members. If we have such bad judgment in electing board members, how are we going to fare better with a superintendent?

And anyway, Eddy oughta get a better hand on the English language before he starts telling school administrators how to teach our kids.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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