State Legislators Could Block Stimulus Money Meant for the Unemployed

Charlie Crist may be his party's most gung-ho supporter of Obama's stimulus plan, but not all Republicans in Tallahassee are quite as excited. Congressional leaders may reject a plan to widen unemployment benefits, because they fear it could increase taxes on businesses, and cost the State more in the long run.

The Palm Beach Post points out that taxes are going to go up regardless, and rejecting the plan may make taxes go up 16% higher than taking the money. Though, the federal government will fund much of the benefits through December 2009, after that the State may have to pick up the tab, or at least a larger portion.

Florida currently has an 8.1% unemployment rate, a number that is only growing. There's enough support for taking the money in the Senate, but it may run into some problems in the House.

[PBPost: Lawmakers might reject stimulus money for jobless benefits]
[Herald: Florida might reject stimulus cash for jobless

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