Spooky Light Show in Midtown During Fay?

Paranormal activity? Storm-related atmospheric dramatics? Alien invasion? While we're not so sure calling in the feds for help with Fay is the greatest idea, maybe Gov. Crist should call in whatever organization Mulder and Scully worked for to check out a reported mysterious light show that occurred during the storm.

New Times reader Jerri sent us the above picture and an exciting recap of the crazy light show she claims to have seen around 39th street and Biscayne Blvd.

It was better than Spielberg. People were oohing and ahhhing from their balconies when the green probe [of light] was released. Then the screams, which cannot leave my mind, started ... [In an area of the sky covering about 6 blocks] over 600 million lumens turned orange [for] two and a half to three minutes in a corona. We heard hundreds of people cheering and clapping from there balconies in the surrounding towers. Then [it turned] red [for] about 3 minutes and then a spectacular finale of blues. Each consecutive color surge was accompanied by a power drop ...and subsequent surging. For over two hours green ball phenomena, as well as pinks and green classically associated with lightening, were observed.

Jerri says that Florida Power and Light, Miami City police, and fire response teams were all deployed to the area. She's also concerned about any radiation onlookers might have been exposed to (though thankfully she says the New Times building was there to block her from some of the radiation. The New Times is always there for you baby). We called up the police department, and they said they didn't receive any reports. Maybe because they're trying to cover something up? Ohhhh, Spooky. If any one else saw this crazy light show feel free to drop us an email.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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