Spirit of Michael Irvin Returns to Hurricanes' Locker Room (Hopefully Sans Cocaine)

The University of Miami has a whole lot of proud history that the team hasn't bothered living up to in years, and new coach Al Golden is hoping to return the team to the glory days. In fact, he's bringing Michael Irvin back into the locker room, or at least his words. Coach Golden has plastered a motivational quote from Irvin all over the football suite. Of course, Irvin is one of the more controversial figures from the U's past, but Golden isn't trying to white-wash those old controversies anymore.

Golden posted this image on his Twitter feed with the message "U Discipline: We are posting this quote from Michael Irvin all over the football suite: http://yfrog.com/gy5o9vpj Uphold The Legacy."

"Now, some might scoff at turning to someone with a history of cocaine-related and sexual-assault allegations both proven and unproven as a role model," Deadspin chortles. "They're wrong. It took discipline to beat some of those raps."

Come on, guys. Irvin was an amazing football player, and this is a football program. Randy Shannon already tried running the Donna Shalala Charm Academy for Well-Behaved Young Men to little on-field success. Hell, the team under Shannon had a tendency to jump offsides a little too much.

We're all for making sure the team has stand-up character, but there's no use anymore in trying to brush over the controversial past. You know every player on that team has seen the movie The U. So we're glad Golden isn't being overly PC when celebrating the past. Though he might want to have a "don't show up to your cocaine trial in a full-length mink coat" talk at some point. 

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