Speedo-Clad Dolphins Fan Did Not Please Sun Life Stadium Security

Dudes can show up at a football game shirtless in body paint, but apparently if you flash some thigh, you've crossed a line. Instinct magazine caught wind of a picture of a Dolphins fan in little more than a teal Speedo getting an earful from security at yesterday's game.

Update: We talked to the Speedo fans. Turns our they weren't kicked out, and there's an interesting backstory to how they wound up in the stands in Speedos in the first place.

We did a little more Instagram digging and found that, indeed, Speedo Dude and his friend were proudly tailgating outside the stadium in their buggie smugglers with no problem.

Please note these Speedos include Miami Dolphins logo patches. We can't find any evidence of the Dolphins ever selling officially branded banana hammocks, so maybe they're a custom job. Also notice the other dude's Heat/Dolphins/Hurricanes chest tattoo.

We're not sure if the dudes got kicked out or were just told to put their pants back on. In fact, if you have any more info, we'd love to hear about it.

But let's be real: What's so bad about wearing a Speedo to a game? This is South Florida. Ain't like anybody who's ever been to a beach here is particularly fazed by a dude in a Speedo. Plus, it can get hot at the stadium on game days, so why not take the opportunity to work on your thigh tan?

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