Victory is not mine

Speed Wins

Juan "Iron Twin" Urango lost his title Saturday night. Ricky Hatton took him in a unanimous decision with all three judges scoring the fight 119-109. It seemed as though Urango was hoping for a center square slug match against Hatton, who never gave him the opportunity, dealing swift combinations to the head and locking up Urango at the elbows for quick breaks. It was only during a fifth round assault on Hatton's body that Urango did significant damage. The rest of the time, Hatton held total control of the ring, making for a really uninteresting match.

"I don't think Urango gave it all he got," his manager, Tortuga, said by phone. "It was speed versus power. Speed wins. Nothing happened to Urango, he didn't even have a scratch. Hatton was busted up. His face and ribs were bruised."

Urango's future was not cast in a positive tone. His promotional contract is up next year. "We're gonna see what happens," Tortuga said. "In this business, you either have it or you don't." Urango and his wife could not be reached for comment; they remain in Las Vegas. -Calvin Godfrey

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